• Parents concerned over chat site popular among teens

    By: Eric Philips


    KENNESAW, Ga. - Parents are becoming more concerned over a chat site that is growing in popularity and is becoming a virtual breeding ground for pedophiles.

    Channel 2's Eric Philips reports found out children do not need a login or password to access the site.

    Sharonda Perry and her husband Ernest are upset by what their 11-year-old son, Thomas, saw when he logged onto a chat website.

    "And not only that my son's innocence has been taken away from him by looking at this site, something he should not be looking at all," Ernest Perry said. "(There) was grown men on there doing absurd things. It was several kids on there watching."

    Thomas said he learned of the website from friends at school.

    "They were like I'll find you on the website if you'll find me. Twenty people are on it at my school," Thomas said.

    Internet security expert Gregory Evans said the site is a virtual trolling ground for pedophiles that unsuspecting pre-teens can fall victim.

    "You cannot be your kids' friend so do not try to take their word on what they're doing. You have to install software that can monitor all the activities on their computer," Evans said.

    "(We) set up a spyware so that now we get an email on a daily basis at midnight. If we see something come up that's unusual in the email we go to that website and we just double check them," Ernest Perry said.

    Channel 2 Action News decided against revealing the name of the website so that more possible offenders would not go there.

    Philips tried unsuccessfully to contact the owner of the chat site listed in Portland, Oregon.

    The website has a disclaimer saying to use it at your own peril and do not use if you're younger than the age of 13. But there's nothing stopping anyone from logging on to it.

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