• Papers: Murder Suspect Wined, Dined Victim's Wife


    ATLANTA - The wife of a man accused of killing a Dunwoody father is claiming the suspect traveled with, wined and dined and slept with the victim’s wife.

    The allegations were made in new documents obtained by Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer in the separation case of suspect Hemy Neuman and his wife, Ariela.

    Prosecutors said Neuman killed Rusty Sneiderman outside his son’s day care in November. Neuman, who has pleaded not guilty, is being held in the DeKalb County Jail.

    In the 13-page court filings uncovered Thursday, Neuman is asked to respond to a list of 93 admissions against him, including that he had a sexual relationship with Sneiderman’s wife, Andrea, who is also his co-worker.

    “You were sexually attracted to Andrea Greenberg Sneiderman. You disclosed your attraction to Andrea Greenberg Sneiderman. Andrea Greenberg Sneiderman, despite confirming her attraction to you, told you she would not become involved with you in a sexual relationship ‘while she was married,’” the document states.

    According to the document, Neuman met Mr. Sneiderman on Aug. 19 to discuss resolving the Neuman family debt, and a life insurance policy on Sneiderman. But the document said Neuman also met Andrea Sneiderman across the country during an affair. Lawyers for Ariela Neuman spell out details of the alleged affair, including a meeting between her husband and Andrea Sneiderman in Colorado, where they drank two bottles of wine in a hotel room until 4 a.m., according to the documents.

    In another trip to South Carolina, Neuman spent money on Andrea Sneiderman just two days after moving out of his family’s home, the document said.

    The court papers also accuse Neuman of inviting his wife to England and Scotland on a business trip, then canceling on his wife, and meeting Andrea Sneiderman instead. The trip included four musicals and visits to more than a dozen “pubs and clubs,” the document detailed.

    Some of the admissions detail evidence that is part of the criminal case against Neuman.

    “You purchased a firearm prior to November 1, 2010. You took the firearm purchased prior to November 1, 2010 and went shooting at Pannell’s Firearms and Range in Woodstock, Georgia on November 1, 2010,” the document said. “November 1 is your youngest child’s birthday.”

    The papers also detail Neuman’s alleged activity immediately following the shooting.

    “You attended the funeral of Russell Sneiderman…. You shoveled dirt on the coffin of Rusell Sneiderman,” the document alleges.

    The court document ends with examples of Hemy Neuman’s continued interaction with Andrea Sneiderman after the shooting, including hundreds of text messages, emails, and phone calls and physical interaction.

    Esther Panitch, the attorney for Ariela Neuman, told Channel 2 Action News last week that the family has faced financial trouble since the arrest, and is several months behind on the mortgage of their home.

    “It hurts because he had access to all the money. It was in his name and he has not turned it over to his wife and children in order to support them," said Panitch after a hearing for Neuman on May 5.

    Panitch said Neuman is tying up tens of thousands of dollars from his retirement accounts and that she's repeatedly tried to settle the legal separation and he's refused. His attorneys also delayed the case by moving it to Fulton County, Panitch said.

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    Papers: Murder Suspect Wined, Dined Victim's Wife

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