Stephen Curry laughs off claim that he's a 'one dimensional' player: 'I'm petty'

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry can't be stopped on the court ... or digging up criticism. Curry lived up to his "petty king" nickname Friday, taking a shot at former guard Mike James' claim that Curry is a one-dimensional player.

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James' comment came during an appearance on a podcast. James was asked to list the top-5 players in the NBA. He left Curry off the list, saying his play style is "just kinda one-dimensional at times."

Curry addressed that comment, unprompted, while at his annual youth camp. Curry was asked about going 1-on-1 against any of the campers. He joked that it was "all bad for them" before adding, "even as one dimensional as I am." Curry tried to keep a straight face, but eventually burst into laughter as he called himself "petty."

James, who spent four seasons in the NBA, put five excellent players on his list. Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic rounded out Mike James' top-5. That's a good list, but Curry probably deserves to be on there. Despite leaving Curry off the list, James did call Curry a "superstar."

That compliment didn't make up for the "one dimensional" criticism for Curry, which is to be expected. It's one thing to leave Curry off the list, but it's another to lob criticism about his game. One would think a one-dimensional player would eventually be stopped once the league adjusted to their play. Curry has proven time and time again that he's able to make adjustments and remain an elite player. His various awards and multiple championship rings prove as much.

Curry probably didn't have to issue a response to James. While his comment made the rounds on social media, it wasn't enough to make people question Curry's ability.

Still, letting the criticism slide wouldn't be fitting for a guy who calls himself the "petty king."