• Channel 2 Sports Director live-tweets bidding war on Georgia-Notre Dame flight


    ATLANTA - How much money is a single football game worth to you?

    For a plane full of University of Georgia fans heading to South Bend to watch their team play Notre Dame, that number is pretty high.

    Channel 2 Sports Director Zach Klein was on a full Delta Air Lines flight Friday morning leaving from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

    The plane was overbooked and when the crew realized it was overbooked, they started offering money for someone to give up their seat.

    “Offers started at $2,200. Then it was $2,800. Later it got to $3,000,” Klein said.

    Tracy Jarvis Smith eventually took the offer when the crew bumped the price to $4,000.

    “$4,000 was my magic number,” Smith later tweeted.

    According to Klein, Smith was bumped for a 7 p.m. flight that day.

    “Not one fan wanted to get in late,” Klein said.

    Klein posted a photo with the Georgia fan who took Smith’s seat.

    Smith also tweeted later that day. She said she got in about eight hours later than she had planned, making it worth the money.

    Every UGA fan who made it to South Bend was treated to a great game -- the Bulldogs won 20-19.

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