Woman allegedly drinks vanilla extract, charged with DUI

Mary Ranker is facing charges of driving under the influence and littering.

ADAMS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A pile of vanilla extract bottles help lead to the arrest of a woman and now she’s facing littering charges and DUI.

WSB-TV's sister station WPXI-TV reported that police in Adams Township, Pennsylvania put up trail cameras around a road where bottles of vanilla extract had been found for years.

After a short time, police said they found the culprit: 61-year-old Mary Ranker.


"The trail cam caught it all," said Assistant Chief Bob Scanlon.

They ran Ranker's license plate, saw her out driving later in the day, and pulled her over.

Ranker admitted that she was drinking the vanilla liquid, which can have upwards of 40 percent alcohol. Officers said Ranker failed a field sobriety test with a BAC of .128.

Ranker was charged with driving under the influence and littering. She has a hearing in June