Will Smith just can't handle the bugs in Georgia

Will Smith just can't handle the bugs in Georgia

Will Smith is filming a movie near Savannah, Georgia.

GEORGIA — Will Smith is used to traveling, filming movies around the world, but Georgia has something he just can’t handle.

Smith checked in on the first day of shooting the film “Gemini Man” near Savannah Tuesday.

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"I love Georgia, but y'all got to do something about the bugs," he says in a hilarious video he posted on his social media pages.

Smith said Georgia is gorgeous, but that not even Off! bug spray could keep them away.

“Y’all need to fix it,” Smith says. “I make my living with my face.”

“Somebody do something about it, quick,” Smith says.

In the meantime, the video shows him with what appears to be a mosquito net over his head.

The Fresh Prince star is fairly new to Instagram, but has attained and entertained 11 million followers since December.

Day 1 on Gemini Man

First week on my new film Gemini Man!! Ang Lee got me out here fighting the wildlife.

Posted by Will Smith on Tuesday, February 27, 2018