VIDEO: The reaction a little brother has when his sister comes home from college is amazing

David and Jessica Evans. 

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — One University of North Georgia student tweeted an adorable video in hopes of making everyone’s day, but she never imagined the response she’d receive.

Jessica Evans, 21, tells Channel 2’s Kimberly Richardson she was sitting in her room on Monday and started to feel sad, realizing she wouldn’t be able to meet her brother at the bus stop anymore.

Her brother, David, 15, just started high school at Brookwood High School.


“I started looking at videos from the past year from when I surprised him by coming home or getting him off the bus or picking him up from school,” Evans said.

Feeling bummed, that’s when Evans says she decided to put all of them together and tweet it out, explaining that all of her friends from home and from college love seeing pictures and videos of her little brother.

Within minutes, the tweet reached thousands. The video of her brother being surprised by Evans has been retweeted more than 100,000 times and liked more than 200,000 times since Monday.

David's reaction in those videos is priceless, and the internet instantly fell in love with the Georgia duo.

“I'm just happy so many people have accepted the video and him with such positivity,” Evans said.