Tripp Halstead celebrates near 5-year milestone at Disney World

Tripp Halstead celebrates near 5-year milestone at Disney World

Tripp Halstead celebrates near 5-year milestone at Disney World. 

BARROW COUNTY, Ga. — It's been nearly 5 years since one Barrow County family's life changed forever, and they were able to celebrate the milestone in a huge way.

Tripp Halstead was just 2 years old when he was knocked unconscious by a limb at his day care center in October 2012. He was left with brain damage and has been through more than a dozen surgeries since.

And now, all these years later, the Halstead family was finally able to go on an amazing adventure.

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When the owners of Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies first heard about Tripp's accident, they offered the entire Halstead family a trip to Disney World.

And while it hasn't been possible until now, mother Stacy Halstead said he's now ready.

"He's aware and stable and still light enough to carry on the rides," Stacy wrote on Facebook. "This is his vacation, so we are going to do everything in our power to make it unforgettable for him."


So on Oct. 2, the Halsteads packed their bags and headed to their magical destination.

And, as usual, all of Tripp's fans felt like they were along for the journey, thanks to Stacy.

Posting updates on Tripp Halstead Updates Facebook page every day, Stacy said they "were on the go go go from sun up to sun down!"

She said thankfully Tripp's stroller was super comfortable for him, so he could nap as much as he needed.

They also packed his medicines and his food in a cooler every day and carried that with them.

"I know his schedule so well, I never missed giving medicines or food at the proper time," Stacy wrote.

The family stayed at the Contemporary Resort in Disney World, thanks to Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies.

They also flew the Halsteads there, and Stacy said it such an incredible experience.

"Just not having to stress about getting Tripp through the airport and getting him on and off the plane with all those strangers staring at you made my stress level go from 100 to 0," Stacy wrote.

Here is what he rode in Animal Kingdom: 

Safari ride (Favorite) 
Na'vi River Ride
It's tough to be a bug
Lion king show
In Hollywood Studios : 
Frozen sing a long (My favorite) 
Toy Story
Little Mermaid 
Indiana Jones show 
Beauty and beast show (Loved it)

Here is what he rode in Magic Kingdom: 

Jungle Cruise (Favorite) 
Carpets of Aladdin
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Country Bear Jamboree (Another favorite) 
Ariel - Little Mermaid 
Enchanted tales with Belle
Small world 
Peter Pan 
Buzz Lightyear
People mover 

Of course, Stacy said that not everything was "just easy" on vacation.

She explains that they had to take in the heat factor, the rain, the crowds, the buses, the lines, medicines, food, the bathroom and getting him on and off the rides, especially the moving sidewalk ones.

But, Stacy said it was all worth it. "He had a great week," she wrote.

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