• Study: Polar Vortex may have killed 95 percent of stink bugs

    By: WPXI-TV


    PITTSBURGH - Are you sick of stink bugs taking over your home?

    We may have some good news for you…

    According to a release by the National Pest Management Association, the Polar Vortex much of the country dealt with a few weeks ago may have killed 95 percent of stink bugs that hadn’t found a place to keep warm. 

    The release cited a study by Virginia Tech University.

    It’s important to note that rate only applies to bugs that were unprotected from the elements. So if they’re already in your attic, they’re likely to still be alive.


    The Polar Vortex brought record-low temperatures to the midwest and northeast, and closed thousands of schools and businesses. 

    Maybe the inconvenience of cold weather will lead to fewer stink bugs this summer!

    This article was written by our Cox Media Group sister station WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh.

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