SCAD student comes up with 'bee' drone

Bee drone

ATLANTA — A Georgia college student has created a drone that will help farmers.

Anna Haldewang came up with the idea of Plan Bee during a design class at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

It's a drone that mimics how bees pollinate flowers and crops.

The drone can suck in pollen from a plant and then put it onto other flowers for cross-pollination.

Bee drone

"When you flip it upside down, it looks like a flower," she told CNN, adding it was her way to honor a flower's role in pollination.


Plan Bee is in its early stages, and Haldewang is still fine-tuning the engineering. But she has already filed a patent application, and she hopes to have a marketable product in about two years.

"I would love to see people use it in their backyards and even create custom gardens with it," she told CNN. "With an actual bee, it’s so small you don't notice it and how it's pollinating flowers. With the drone you can see how the process works."

Information from CNN was used in this report.