Conyers Police look to buy a crib ... find heartwarming gesture instead

CONYERS, Ga. — A Conyers couple say when a pair of police officers showed up at their yard sale, it was a gift from God.

Samantha and Don Swaney said they were setting up for a garage sale at their home on Saturday, when two officers showed up.




Earlier in the day, the officers had responded to an unresponsive infant, and discovered the baby’s family was having a hard time financially and needed a new crib.

The officers spotted the Swaney’s garage sale and stopped by to see if they might be selling a crib that they could give to the family.

Little did they know, the Swaneys had a brand-new crib in the attic that had never been used.

“Several years ago we lost our baby during labor, and I haven’t been able to part with the crib,” Samantha Swaney said.

Without hesitation, she and her husband gave the officers the crib that was once intended for their son.

“Perfect time is the right thing to say because with my belief, everything happens for a reason,” one of the officers said.

The Swaneys said they are grateful for the officers, who couldn’t have known that they had the crib, but knew that they needed to help a family.

“They gave me a way to let go of one of the biggest things I was holding onto from my son’s cut-short life,” Samantha Swaney said. “They weren’t looking for praise, they were responding to a need.”




Samantha Swaney says the encounter may seem random, but she believes the officers were led to her by the Lord.

“I know it was supernatural, honestly, because God knew there was a baby who needed a crib,” she said.

The family that received the crib was thankful for the officers and the Swaneys.

The Swaneys hope to meet the couple and the baby one day.

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Posted by Conyers Police Department on Wednesday, April 13, 2016