Lion leaps at young boy behind glass wall at New Orleans zoo (VIDEO)

Lion leaps at young boy at New Orleans zoo

ATLANTA — Video on social media showing a lion at a New Orleans zoo crouching and pouncing behind protective glass is causing concerns for zoo officials.

In an article with, the curator of the Audubon Zoon said the lion's behavior is something officials would "rather not see."

The video shows a young boy sitting on the floor in front of the protective glass at the zoo’s lion exhibit.

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In the background, you can see the lion, named Zuri, crawling through some high grass like it is hunting, and then it pounces at the child, hitting the glass wall.

"Joel Hamilton, the zoo's vice president and general curator, emphasized the guests weren't at fault nor did anything to purposely spark Zuri's behavior," the article said.

The zoo’s new $5 million African Savanna exhibit opened in May, putting four lions on display to the public.