Health, security gadgets on display at 2019 CES

Security gadgets on display at 2019 CES

LAS VEGAS — Tiny products that could save your life and improve your health are some of the hot items at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Channel 2's consumer adviser Clark Howard traveled to Las Vegas for the convention where he talked with one company using tiny sensors to make sure the air you breathe is safe.

The company is called Aernos. The technology they’ve developed will not only monitor the air for gases it will also alert a diabetic if they need to take action before an attack.

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The tiny sensor could save a life. You wear it like a watch and it's able to connect to your smartphone.

The device monitors the breath of the person wearing it for changes in blood glucose levels. If it senses trouble, they’ll get an alert on their smartphone.

“Catch that early, then they can check their blood sugar level and make sure they’re OK,” one of the officials from Aernos told Howard.


The information collected can be shared with family and health care providers.

The sensors will also work with smart devices like the Nest thermostat to monitor the air in your home.

“Air purification today does particulate matters, but gases are a huge component of air when you think about human health and conditions,” an Aernos official said.

Technology that helps keep your wallet safe was another highlight that Howard found at this year’s CES.

Skimmers on gas pumps are everywhere, just waiting to steal your banking information, which is why Vic Loh developed the Descamer.

“It basically will detect any of the bad guys' Bluetooth and also eliminating the good guys' Bluetooth,” Loh told Howard.

The device will fit on your key ring.

“How much extra time are you adding into my life to make sure that pump is safe?” Howard asked Loh.

“About 12 seconds,” Loh said.

The device keeps you safe in more places that just at the pump.

“If you go into a hotel room, you push the same button, it’ll do the same search and if there’s a Bluetooth camera, it’ll tell you,” Loh said.

Howard also found the Parcel Guardian. It is meant protect your packages from porch pirates.

“It’s getting to be too easy. People are following around UPS trucks,” a Parcel Guardian told Howard.

Everything you order is entered into an app and then tracked.

“When they come to your doorstep they can simply scan the package, put it in and make it secure for you,” the employee said.

If someone tries to break into the box, they’re in for a surprise.

“We have a car alarm going off in that thing, as well as being able to see you on camera,” the employee told Howard. “So, if you try to do that we know you are there, and we can call someone to try to help out.”