Hawks fan celebrates major dunk with amazing dance

Hawks fan makes amazing dunk, then performs an amazing dance

ATLANTA — We can’t figure out which is better: one fan’s trampoline dunk or his dance after.

At the Hawks game Sunday, one fan got the crowd going with his dunk and his dance.

Video posted by the Hawks showed the fan, dressed in jeans, a shirt and Nike shoes, first dribble the ball from across the court and then made the jump of his life.


His body reached heights taller than the basket, but he was able to make the daring basket and land on the pad below.

If that didn’t get the crowd going, his dance surely did.

He somersaulted off the pad and “butt-bumped” on the court and then finished with a full-body spin.

Whether or not he was a “real” fan, it was a fun sight for the crowd – and the 130,000+ video views on Facebook.

Hawks Fan Pulls Off Ridiculous Trampoline Dunk, Follows With E...

This fan's EPIC trampoline dunk may have been outdone by the celebration that followed 😳😂

Posted by Atlanta Hawks on Sunday, March 26, 2017