E-cigarette explodes inside wine store employee's pocket

MANHATTAN — A worker at a wine store in Grand Central Terminal suffered burns to his hand and leg after an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket Wednesday morning.

The incident was captured on surveillance camera.

According to ABC7, Otis Gooding, 31, was working in the store when the cigarette started sparking in his pocket.

"Out of nowhere, a huge explosion came from one of my co-worker's pockets. It just shot at us," Byron Gonzalez told ABC7.

Another co-worker said it looked like fireworks.

"His pocket just engulfed in flames. There were sparks. I thought it was fireworks like Fourth of July," John Lee told ABC7. "I thought he had a pocket full of fireworks and then I realized he had an e-cigarette."

Gooding was taken to the hospital where he is stable, according to ABC7. His attorney said he was admitted to the burn unit for treatment and will require surgery.