Guitar player pays awesome tribute to the Fourth of July, Atlanta-style

Man plays tribute to the U.S.A., Atlanta-style

COLORADO — Well, here's one way to ring in the Fourth of July with some true Atlanta style!

Andrew Suggs, brother of former Georgia Tech quarterback A.J. Suggs, took his electric guitar and used the country's biggest echo chamber -- the Grand Canyon -- to pay tribute to the great U.S. of A. this Independence Day.

Video shows Suggs rocking The Star-Spangled Banner on his Gibson Les Paul guitar right at the mouth of the canyon.

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"I'm pretty sure this is American history, being the first person to record the national anthem on electric guitar at the Grand Canyon," Suggs said.

In case anyone needs to know which city Suggs is representing, he's wearing his #18 McCann Braves jersey -- appropriately in patriotic colors!

"I'm from Atlanta, so I had to rep my city and my Braves while at the Canyon," Suggs wrote.