• 3-year-old believes police officers are Batman, meets his idols


    ROCKY TOP, Tenn. - It’s a love that can only come from a child – a little boy believes all police officers are Batman.

    Joshua Collins loves Batman. He even dresses up as the crime-fighting superhero. And that’s exactly the same way the 3-year-old thinks of police officers.

    The Rocky Top Police Department posted a photo on their Facebook page of an officer posing for a picture with Joshua in front of a police cruiser.

    His mother told WVLT-TV that Joshua even thinks that police cars are actually a “Batmobile.”


    Jessica Collins says her son’s love for the real-life superheroes is genuine and is encouraging for the police department.

    "I think it’s the greatest comparison to see him do that. It just builds encouragement to our officers knowing they are loved and idolized,” Collins told WVLT-TV.

    The police department thanked Joshua and his mother for “their awesome enthusiasm and for keeping our officers spirits up during this time of negativity toward law enforcement.”


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