• 'Dude, you're killing me': Bodycam video shows officer dragged during traffic stop

    By: Deanna Allbrittin, WFTV


    ORLANDO, FL - A man is facing several charges after police said he dragged an officer during a traffic stop, reaching 60 miles per hour.

    Bodycam video released this week to WSB-TV's sister station WFTV shows Orlando Police Department officer John Murphy speaking with Zavier Askew during a traffic stop for an expired tag.

    The video shows the officer later asks Askew to to get out of the vehicle and pats him down after having him stand by his patrol car.

    Murphy then searches the glove compartment inside the vehicle and allegedly discovers "a large vacuum seal bag of pot." Vials of cannabis oil, a scale and multiple baggies were also allegedly found.


    As Murphy walks back to Askew, the video then allegedly shows Askew accelerating, dragging Murphy with him.

    "Dude, you're killing me," the officer can be heard saying. "Stop! This is attempted murder!" 

    A minute into the drive, Askew stops and is placed in handcuffs.

    "I'm bleeding I think," Murphy can be heard saying. "You almost killed me."

    Another officer arrives as backup and to help with the arrest.

    Askew faces six charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. 

    This article was written by WFTV

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