• Man Says He's Falsely Accused In Kroger Theft

    COBB COUNTY, Ga.,None - A man accused of stealing from a Cobb County Kroger store wants the charges dropped and a public apology.

    Charles Christopher Cook, an HR manager, said he was out of town when the crime took place and that police have the wrong man.

    Cook sat down with Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones to explain his side of the story. Cook showed Jones an airline itinerary, dining receipts and a letter from his boss saying he was in Texas.

    But police told Jones they initially had no choice but to arrest Cook because Kroger employees identified him as one of the thieves, plus there was video surveillance.

    "There may be a video, but it won't show me," Cook said.

    Two other men were involved, police said. They allegedly stole almost $1,000 worth of cigarettes.

    "Impossible. No. I've only been in Cobb County maybe once in 30 years," said Cook.

    Now, Cobb County police told Channel 2 that they are taking a second look at the case in light of the information that Channel 2 brought to their attention.

    Reports indicate that an officer stopped a car matching the description of the getaway car, and that one of the men said his name was Charles Cook, although he didn't have an ID.

    Police told Jones that a detective looked up a driver's license photo of Cook and showed it to Kroger employees, as well as the officer who stopped the men. Each was emphatic that the photo was that of the man who robbed the store. Officers said the driver's license photo even matched the man in the video.

    "It's a nightmare. I'd like to have a public apology from the person responsible for getting me behind bars the first time," Cook said.

    Cook's attorney, Philip Holloway, is working to get the charges dropped.

    "I'm confident that the Cobb County DA's office will do the right thing," Holloway said.

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