Man Paid To Kill Cousin's Husband

ATLANTA — A man was found guilty Monday of killing his cousin's husband for cash.

Prosecutors said Jean Pierre Devaughn killed William Eric Clark so Clark's wife could cash in on his $700,000 life insurance policy. She is currently serving time for insurance fraud.

"Our son, William Eric Clark, was murdered Dec. 13, 2005 and every day from that has been a heartache for us," Clarks' mother, Janice, said.

The Clark family has traveled from Birmingham to Atlanta more many times since their son's killing. Clark's mother said she is most betrayed because of her son's affection for his wife.

"He was loved, lovable person. He loved his wife dearly," Janice Clark said. "[It comes] a double hurt to find out she would plan something this cruel. My son was shot five times."

Devaughn's family said witnesses were lying about his involvement, but jurors didn't buy it. Devaughn was found guilty of all the counts he was facing. He will be sentenced Monday afternoon.