Zombies caught in controversy in Senoia

Zombies caught in controversy in Senoia

SENOIA, Ga. — The town make famous by "The Walking Dead" has a conflict after an argument outside a local restaurant.

Roam the streets of Senoia and you may cross paths with the undead.

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"I think there should be separation.  Be respectful of the restaurant,” resident Ronna Kubit said.

Many in town told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen that they have heard all about the dust-up last Saturday outside Katie Lou's Café.

"Well, this is a free country, as we all know,” said Jamie Thompson, who owns ‘Walkin’ Dead Tours.’

Fans of the popular cable show come to her shop to become zombies.

She said during a visit to town, a patron of the diner cursed out her costumed customers as they marched by the tables in front of the restaurant.


"They have a right to choose what they want and don't want in their area. But we were on public property. We did not go on their property,” Thompson said.

Some in town say they are irritated by those in zombie makeup and the sight of them sometimes scares small children.

Others love the show and love the zombies.

Petersen stopped into several shops on Wednesday, but none of the merchants wanted to take sides.

Lifelong resident Ronna Kubit said the zombies put this place on the map.

"They brought a lot of people to town and built it up really nice. But I think they should be respectful of people eating. There's a line I think," Kubit told Petersen.

An employee of Katie Lou’s said the owners were not available for comment.

Police Chief Jason Edens told Petersen that the tour group brings its customers to town to eat lunch and those are public sidewalks. He does not expect any charges in the case.