Zaxby's manager shot trying to protect 16-year-old co-worker, mom says

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — The mother of a Zaxby's manager shot while she dropped her 16-year-old co-worker off says her daughter was so worried about the teenager she didn't even realize she had been hit.

Quinten Kevon Martin died after gunmen opened fire on he and his 24-year-old manager Wednesday night on Greenway Drive in Newton County. His manager, who doesn't want to be identified, had just dropped him off at home after his shift.

Channel 2's Tom Jones talked to the manager's mother, who says she was shot three times in the leg and back and that she is home now but in pain and faces a long recovery.

She said everyone is devastated about Martin's senseless death.

"We just want to know why," she told Jones. "Just why? And not even for my daughter. Just for Quinten. Why Quinten?"


The manager's mother said her daughter was hysterical when she arrived at the scene.

"She was able to call me. She was so hysterical, running around, screaming," the mother said. She said he daughter was so worried about Martin, "She had no idea she was hit," she said. "I had to tell her, 'You're hit.'"

The suspects have still not been caught. Jones talked to a neighbor who witnessed the accident, who, like the manager and her mother, are now scared for their safety. He didn't want to be shown on camera, but told Jones he heard the shots Wednesday night around 11 p.m.

The man said he ran toward a car in front of Martin's home after hearing the gunfire. He heard a woman screaming hysterically and then saw Martin wounded inside the car. The neighbor said he put a pillow under Martin's head and applied pressure to his wounds.

"I kept my eyes on him until EMS arrived. He was conscious," the neighbor said. "We just kep telling him to stay awake and he did."

Martin died later at the hospital.

"It's absolutely horrible," the man said. "I still have images in my head. He didn't deserve that. He was a nice kid."

Martin's father is devastated about his son's death. When Roddrick Foster talked to Channel 2 Action News earlier this week, he said he thought his son's death was a case of mistaken identity.

On Friday, he didn't want to talk about a motive, but instead he wanted to remember all the good times with his son.

He showed Jones Martin's football trophies and a championship ring.

"I'm going to wear it now since he's gone," Foster said.

Martin would have been 17 next month and was an honor roll student at Alcovy High School. He was working double shifts to save money for a car. His father said he wanted to become a pilot.

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