WSB viewers donate air conditioners to 111-year-old woman who has never owned one

Channel 2 viewers stepped up to get a new air conditioning for 111-year-old Willie Mae Hardy.

ATLANTA — The generosity of Channel 2 Action News viewers never ceases to amaze.

On Monday, Channel 2's Berndt Petersen introduced you to 111-year old Willie Mae Hardy.

One line in the report mentioned the fact that she has never lived in a home that had an air conditioner.

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That changed within hours after the story aired. Sandy Springs resident Eric Tillman was tuned in.

"As I watched the story and saw you interview Miss Hardy, I was just moved,” Tillman said.

He headed over to his local Lowe’s, looking to buy an air conditioning unit.

Store manager Andre Johnkins told him the company would give one to Willie Mae.

“It just touched my heart. It could be my mother or grandmother going through this. Just to be able to help is a great feeling,” Johnkins said.

It was 93 degrees in the house before the unit was set up. Now it’s 82, and Miss Hardy’s church donated a second machine that is now cooling her bedroom.

“Is it much cooler in the house now? Is it better", asked Hardy’s granddaughter Veronica Edwards. “Sure do,” Willie Mae said.

Willie Mae calls it a blessing.

"What would you like to say?" Petersen asked.
"Thank the good Lord for sending somebody to help us out," Willie Mae said.

Her granddaughter added, "Amen. Thank you, Lord. Amen."

Lowes District Manager Don Jones told Channel 2 Action News that they're bringing over a contractor to remodel Willie Mae's whole house free of charge.