• Workers say hair thieves have broken into store for third time

    By: Tom Jones


    MORROW, Ga. - Thieves cut through a double steel door and stole thousands of dollars' worth of popular Brazilian hair from a local beauty supply store.

    Workers said it's the third time criminals have broken into the store to steal weaves in the last six months.

    It happened around 4 a.m. Tuesday at Angie's Beauty Supply on Lake Harbin Road near Morrow. The burglary was caught on the store's surveillance cameras.

    "That video shows two men coming in here trying to get some easy money," worker Nancy Pineda told Channel 2's Tom Jones.

    The video shows two men yanking Brazilian Bundled hair from the store's shelves. Workers said the crooks are on the phone and someone appears to be instructing them on what type of hair to get.

    The weave thieves used the lights on their cellphones to maneuver around the store, even looking directly into the surveillance cameras.

    "They took a couple of thousand, maybe $4,000 worth of it this time," Pineda said.

    The previous break-ins are why the store added more cameras and fortified the doors, but even that didn't stop the thieves.

    "Here's the door here where they took and cut through," Champagne Lott said.

    Lott owns a beauty salon in the back of the beauty supply store. She says the burglars wanted the weaves so bad they used some sort of tool to cut through the double layer steel back door of the store where her salon is located.

    "At first we thought it was a blowtorch," she said.

    The door is so mangled it looks like someone used a can opener on a can of tuna.

    "It's amazing. It's incredible. Never seen before. But that's the way they entered," Lott said.

    The store wants the illegal entries to stop.

    "We need help. We need assistance. From Clayton. Someone. We're not getting any answers," an exasperated Lott explained.

    Police said they are investigating.

    But the workers want them to do more. They said in one of the burglaries the thieves left a cellphone. They're not happy that hasn't led to any arrests.

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