• Airport: worker who egged Saints bus quits

    By: Aaron Diamant


    ATLANTA - Officials with Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said the worker who was behind a raw egg attack on the New Orleans Saints' charter buses has quit.

    The attack happened Wednesday night as the team buses pulled off the tarmac.

    “The lone employee suspected of hitting the New Orleans Saints charter bus with two or three eggs last Wednesday has quit his restaurant job.  Department of Aviation officials at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport confirmed that after being questioned by police, the worker quit,” officials said. “The employee's security badge has been deactivated, revoking all access to the airport, and the company will be fined.”
    The employee, who worked with Goldbergs Concession, was identified as Antonio Soca. Goldbergs was also fined $250. The Department of Aviation has now closed its investigation.

    "How can this have happened in a secure area?" bus driver Michael Triplett, who watched the events unfold, told Channel 2 investigative reporter Aaron Diamant.
    Diamant asked the same question of airport General Manager Louis Miller on Thursday.
    "That to me is certainly not a security breach, it's just a silly thing to do," Miller responded. "This type of behavior, or misbehavior is a better way to put it, is totally unacceptable."
    The embarrassing egging incident comes just days after Channel 2 Action News first aired video of a security breach, shot by a viewer.

    The video shows a woman inside the airport's cellphone parking lot throwing a seemingly full plastic bag over the security fence to a worker waiting on the other side. When the bag gets stuck on the barbed wire, the worker climbs the fence to retrieve it unchallenged.
    This week, Delta Air Lines confirmed that the worker inside the fence is one of its baggage handlers and that he's been suspended.
    Delta also will not identify the worker involved in that security breach. No criminal charges have been filed in that case.

    Diamant has broken a series of security breaches at the airport, and is working to learn the identities of the people involved and any other new developments.


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