Dying wish denied: Terminally ill woman upset she can't get marriage license


The probate judge is sending a worker with police escort to the woman's home so she can get her marriage license.



A terminally ill woman said it’s not fair that she can't get a marriage license because her medical condition prevents her from leaving home.

Aubri Gillilan, who is bedridden and can’t leave the house, said she can't get married because county officials insist she come into their office to fill out the form for the marriage license.

“I've got four little babies with him and there's nothing more that I want that to get married to him," Gillilan said.

Her dying wish is to marry the father of her children.


Gillilan and Andrew Hendrickson have a 4-year-old daughter and triplets

"This is the first triplet. He's the oldest of the three," Hendrickson said, showing a picture of the children.

"The kids keep asking, ‘When is Daddy going to marry Mommy?’ And I don't know what to tell them. I told them I was working on it," Hendrickson told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.

Hendrickson is working on it, but he isn't getting anywhere.

Gillilan has a rare form of malignant melanoma. It keeps her bedridden and in so much pain Channel 2 Action News had to shoot her interview in the dark.

When Hendrickson went to the Fulton County South Annex to get a marriage license, he was told Gillilan had to be there to get one.

"I told them she was under hospice care, bedridden. She wasn't able to come," he said.

Officials still refused to give him a license.

That didn't sit well with Gillilan.

"Let me get married. There isn't no reason why I shouldn’t be able to," she said.

Fulton County Probate Judge Pinkie Toomer said it's difficult to send a worker to someone's home because of security issues.

She's looking into what can be done.

"I can't tell you definitely whether I'm able to do that or not unless I know more," Toomer said.

Gillilan said the marriage license would mean the world to her.

"This is the best thing I can have. There's no way for me to walk down the aisle," she said.

Hendrickson said he called other counties and they also say his fiancee has to come in to get a license.

He offered to present her to them via Skype but they wouldn't accept that either. He said he spoke with Toomer and she’s trying to work something out.