Woman warns of man who let himself into her home

ATLANTA, Ga. — A woman says a strange man tried to walk right into her apartment and she had to slam the door to force him out.

She says as soon as she saw the man she quickly pushed him out of her home and slammed the door. But within seconds he was banging on a neighbor's bedroom door-- claiming he was looking for work.

"It’s been a little weird in the last couple months," one woman said.

Women Channel 2's Chris Jennings spoke with on North Highland Avenue in Inman Park weren't comfortable showing their faces on camera. They say recently they've dealt with package thefts and car break-ins but nothing quite as bizarre as this encounter.

"I had just come in from taking my dog out and was having a cup of coffee, I’m looking on Instagram and my door started to open. My dog ran to the door and I heard this man yelling, 'Hey, hi. Who's here? Who’s here?' and I totally freaked out and slammed the door shut," one woman said.


She admits her door was unlocked but says she never expected anyone to make their way up this flight up stairs to get to her apartment -- especially at 9 in the morning. 

"He started yelling like I wasn’t going to do anything," she said.

He quickly left but didn't go far. His next stop? Her neighbor's bedroom door in the back of the house. 

"I was working at my desk and heard a really loud banging," she said, "I went and talked to him he said he was looking for a leasing office. There’s clearly not a leasing office as part of the house and he said he was looking for work to do."

As the man was getting ready to leave he said something that didn't exactly put her at ease. 

"He did start yelling when he saw me take pictures and said he’d been in prison for 20 years and he wasn’t going back," she said.

Those women did call Atlanta police. 

A spokesperson sent Jennings an email on Wednesday evening saying a police commander called one of those victims a few hours ago to discuss the scary encounter.