Woman warns of cosmetic procedure that almost left her blind

ATLANTA — A woman is warning people about a cosmetic procedure she says left her with a severe infection.

Kimberly Parnell is getting her eyes rechecked after surgery saved her vision.

Shortly after Parnell got false eyelashes glued on, her upper lid became severely inflamed with a nasty red bump. It was so severe that antibiotics didn't help.


Parnell was not allowed to wear makeup or contact lenses, and then three months later she ended up needing surgery.

Channel 2's Linda Stouffer spoke with an eye doctor treating more complications experienced by patients who want long, beautiful false lashes installed.

“That staph bacteria built up and more than likely the glue from lash extensions got into the glands, caused over productions of that bacteria then it became inflamed, red and irritated,” Dr. Andrea Knouff, an Optometrist, said.

Lash extensions are individually attached for the full look found on popular celebrities.

Thousands of women have a great experience and doctors recommend you look for a reputable, certified technician, but Knouff just wants patients to know about the risks of these cosmetic procedures causing allergies and contamination.

"The eyes get extremely red and watery, the lid swells and it’s very contagious,” Knouff said.

“I wish I never would have done it. I was looking for shortcut to not wearing so much makeup, but in the long run it was definitely not worth it,” Parnell said.

Call your doctor right away if you have a cosmetic procedure and then feel itchy or see red flaky skin because it’s easier to cure an infection if it’s caught early.