Woman says neighborhood dogs killed pet rabbits

Channel 2's Richard Elliot Reports

ROCKDALE, Ga. — A Rockdale County woman said two dogs got into her backyard and killed seven of her pet rabbits in two separate attacks.
Stephanie Terry took photos of the two dogs shortly after the second attack. One is a pit bull. The other is a Rottweiler.
"It was like a murder scene for rabbits," said Terry. "It was horrible."
Terry said the two animals got in through a broken fence and clawed their way through chicken wire to get at the rabbits in their hutches. She had grisly photos of the dead rabbits.
Terry did call animal control about the incidents. She claimed the Rottweiler came from a neighbor's yard.
Neighbor Wayne White confirmed to Channel 2's Richard Elliot that the Rottweiler is his but denied owning the pit bull. He also confirmed the county cited him twice for not having his dog under control.
So far, he said, he's racked up more than $500 in fines.
Both Terry and White agree the Rottweiler, named Harley, is not aggressive to people. But Terry said she had difficulty pulling the dog away from the rabbit cages. She worries what the dogs might to do her small sons, Ryan and Jaden.
White told Elliot he blamed his estranged wife for releasing the Rottweiler from its pen without his permission. He stated he still has to go to court on the charges.
Terry doesn't want the dogs put down but does want the county to step in and force the owners to keep them under control.