• Woman says bank problem showing her $300 million in debt

    By: Wendy Corona


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A Gwinnett County woman said her bank accounts are $300 million in the red.

    Ann Wiley told Channel 2's Wendy Corona her bank account statement has a really long number in the debit column and no one can tell her why.

    "I first started realizing that I was having problems yesterday when I was trying to pay a bill online and kept getting error messages or denied," said Wiley.

    It was when Wiley saw the 'See Cashier' read out at the gas pump that she decided to check her bank account on her phone and that's when she got the first bit of bad news.

    She was in the red about $100 million. Her computer at home confirmed that and more.

    "Yes. $100 million from my savings and $100 million from my checking," said Wiley.

    And overnight, like a nightmare, things got worse.

    "I wake up the next morning, check again. Maybe this is a bad dream. It's another $100 million, so it's $300 million I'm having a problem with right now," she said.

    Sun Trust Bank told Wiley the problem was with the Department of Revenue. The DOR, per law, cannot comment on any individual taxpayer, but did say it has no documents showing the department is in the wrong and is now working with Sun Trust to get to the root of the problem.

    "Friends are keeping me afloat," said Wiley. "I can't get anything from my account obviously. I can't pay any bills or buy any food or put gas in my car."

    It turns out a used car Wiley bought back in 2004 may be coming back to haunt her.

    "They're telling me it's the remaining balance of a sale. A $274 sales tax," Wiley said.

    But how $274.62 becomes nearly $300 million is anyone's guess.

    "I can't even get really mad at it. I'm thinking, 'OK, any minute now somebody is going to realize this and fix it.' It's a huge mistake. It's got to be," said Wiley.

    As of Thursday evening, Wiley has tens of millions pending to credit into her bank account.

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