• Woman saved from fiery wreck thanks her heroes


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A woman rescued from a fiery crash in May got the chance to thank the first responders who saved her life Tuesday.
    Monique Smith, a victim's advocate for the Clayton County DA's Office, got a hero's welcome as her husband rolled her into a courtroom filled with well-wishers.
    But Smith was there to thank the people she said saved her life.
    “I believe I'm still here today was because you acted so fast,” Smith said.

    Police say a U-Haul truck ran a red light at Tara Boulevard and Fayetteville Road and crashed into Smith's car in May.

    Traffic cameras show her SUV roll over several times from the impact.

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    Smith suffered broken ribs, a broken hip and her lungs collapsed.
    She was trapped inside the vehicle with smoke and fire threatening her.

    “I couldn't hardly breathe. It was a struggle just to take a breath,” Smith said.
    That's when several Jonesboro officers, who were nearby, rushed over to help.

    Cornell Madison broke his hand when he broke out a window to reach Smith.

    Officers Steve Olinger, Glen Munsey and Calvin Scott also assisted in helping keep Smith safe and alive.
    “I remember their voices. I remember them saying you're going to be OK,” Smith said.

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    Smith went to a special ceremony Tuesday where Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson honored the officers.
    “For the professionalism, dedication and really just a great job that you guys did,” Lawson said.
    Smith hugged the officers and thanked them for saving her life.
    “I told them thank you so much for going above and beyond. Thank you so much and God bless you,” Smith said.
    The officers were too shy to speak.
    The driver of the U-Haul was cited for no insurance and running a red light.
    Smith hopes to be back at work in a couple of weeks.

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