• Woman prays someone will return Yorkie after it was stolen


    ATLANTA - A northwest Atlanta woman told Channel 2 Action News she wants her dog back after someone stole it right out of her yard.

    The woman says she's praying someone will bring her dog home. She called police and gave Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri video from a security camera which captured the whole thing.

    "If someone sees him, I would just you know want somebody out of the kindness of their hearts to take him to a Humane Society or something like that," said Patricia Spratley.

    Spratley told Viteri she's hopeful someone who finds her pet Yorkie, Polo, will turn him in to authorities or bring him home.

    Surveillance video shows a man taking the dog outside her Hollywood Road apartment in northwest Alanta two weeks ago.

    Spratley said Polo started barking in the middle of the night so she went to look outside.

    "I opened the door and he just squeezed through the door," Spratley said.

    As Spratley quickly got dressed to go get Polo, her neighbor's surveillance camera recorded as a man walking behind the dog, who at first runs away. Seconds later he scoops up Polo and gets into a car. Another man gets behind the wheel and they drive off.

    "It's frustrating because I don't even know whoever has him. I don't know if they're taking care of him or not," Spratley said.

    Spratley recently had transplant surgery for a new kidney and pancreas. During the tough recovery she said Polo stayed by her side.

    "I was hurting real bad that particular night. I tossed and turned all night and he was right there beside the bed with me," Spratley said.

    She filed a report with Atlanta police and put up reward fliers. She hopes someone recognizes the man in the video who neighbors overheard saying he planned to sell the dog.

    "That's how a lot of people make their living, by taking from people that worked hard for everything," Spratley said.

    Spratley is offering $300 to anyone who helps her find Polo. She told Viteri she is still hopeful she'll get him back.

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    Woman prays someone will return Yorkie after it was stolen