• Woman hit by celebratory gunshot while watching TV

    By: Jessica Jaglois


    ATLANTA - At least four incidents of stray bullets into homes were reported to police New Year’s Day.

    Vivian Mayo, 58, was watching the New Year’s Eve celebration in bed. Shortly after midnight, a bullet shot through her ceiling and landed in her leg. Mayo was rushed to Grady Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    Before the bullet hit her leg, police believe it travelled through her upstairs neighbor’s ceiling.

    The mother didn’t want to speak on-camera, but told Channel 2 Action News when the bullet fell through her ceiling, it narrowly missed her sleeping infant.
    About 10 miles away in northwest Atlanta, homeowner Daniel Mastrodonato said he heard a loud boom around midnight.
    “I had no idea what the heck it was, so I came out of my room, and I saw my floor was covered with drywall and attic insulation,” he said.

    Then Mastrodonato said he looked up.

    “In the dark, it looked like this big spider so I flipped on the light and it was a hole! I could see the bullet, the tip of the bullet, sticking through the ceiling,” he said.
    In Dunwoody, police reported that a couple came home from a New Year’s Eve party and found a stray bullet in their bedroom from celebratory gunfire.

    In the four reported incidents, only Mayo was hurt, and according to police, she is expected to recover.

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