• Police: Woman has 15-year-old's baby


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - The aunt of a DeKalb teenager claims police are not taking her nephew's rape seriously because a woman is accused of the crime.

    "Nobody took me serious. Nobody took the case serious," she told Channel 2's Tom Jones.

    The aunt asked to protect her identity for her nephew's sake, but she openly discussed her outrage, blaming gender bias as the reason DeKalb police didn't consider her claims that a 33-year-old woman raped her 15-year-old nephew.

    Janelle Goforth is in jail on charges of statutory rape and child molestation. Officers said Goforth was pregnant and has since had a baby boy by the teen father.

    Despite Goforth's arrest, the teen's aunt said she is upset about how long it took police to put her in custody, noting that she reported the incident back in January.

    "She's been free all this time," the aunt told Jones.

    She also voiced her anger about Goforth's family, who has guardianship of the baby, refusing the teen and his family from seeing the child.  She adds that Goforth refuses to take a DNA test to prove her nephew is the baby's father.

    "I just need a DNA test. I'm not going to take her word for it," she said.

    The aunt said she wants Goforth to be registered as a sex offender and to go to jail.

    "I want it to be treated as if it was a female," she said.

    Meanwhile, police said Goforth remains behind bars at the DeKalb County Jail.

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