• Douglasville woman who disappeared years ago is identified in Alabama

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    ATLANTA - A mentally disabled woman who was abandoned at an Alabama hospital three years ago has been identified and her former caregiver arrested for identity theft.

    Edith Allen of Douglasville was dropped off at a hospital in Birmingham, Ala. Unable to speak, the only clue to her identity was the engraving on her dentures, "E. Allen."

    The website lostnmising.com recently profiled Allen's disappearance and a Douglasville resident recognized the woman hospital workers refer to as "Sally." She sent photos to the president of lostnmissing.com, Cynthia Carson.

    "We were just elated to know that she has her name," said Carson. "The moment I saw them I just knew this was Edith."

    Investigators looked into the case and discovered Allen's old home where she used to live with her caregiver, Cathy Thomas.

    "The name on the tax records, this woman's name kept popping up in obituary columns and ended up being Cathy Thomas, who was arrested," said Carson.

    The district attorney in Alabama said it is unknown how Edith Allen traveled 125 miles to the hospital in Birmingham.

    But prosecutors said they did prove Thomas has been cashing Allen's Social Security checks, totaling more than $25,000.

    "Our records show Ms. Thomas took the money that was supposed to be for Edith's benefit and spent that money on goods and services in her own name," said District Attorney Paula Casey.

    Thomas is incarcerated in Alabama on a $50,000 cash bond.

    Authorities were unable to locate any of Allen's family members.

    They said Allen is in poor health and was recently moved to a new care facility in Alabama where donations are paying her expenses.

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