• Woman doing her taxes hit by identity theft for second year in a row


    ATLANTA - For the second year in a row, a local woman said she went to file her taxes only to discover an identity thief beat her to the punch.
    After the first incident, the woman met with an IRS representative who flagged her account. She also received a special PIN she believed would keep this from happening again. But that wasn't the case.
    For the second year in a row, Kenyatta Solomon said an identity thief is making the tax filing process especially miserable for her.
    "It's very frustrating, especially when they say they have all these things in place and they're supposed to be able to protect you," Solomon said.
    After falling victim last year to a thief who filed a return using her Social Security number, Solomon received a letter from the IRS stating they had placed an identity theft indicator on her account that would require her to enter a special pin number before filing this year.
    "Lo and behold this year I go to file my taxes and the same thing happened again,” Solomon said.
    The first breach resulted in Solomon not receiving her $5,000 tax return check until nearly the end of the year. This year it means she can't file electronically.
    “They accepted the actual address that whatever person has used, so now I'm locked out of my own personal information,” Solomon said.
    What Solomon says is most frustrating is the fact that no one can seem to give her any information on who's committing the crime.
    "They're protecting the criminal and not the actual victim, and I don't understand that,” Solomon said.
    Channel 2’s Ashley Swann spoke with an IRS representative who said they can't comment on specific cases, but said they started the PIN system two years ago because identity theft has become such a big problem. The representative said Solomon shouldn't have a problem getting her taxes straightened out this year -- but she will have to file the old-fashioned way.

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