• Woman charged more than $7,000 after buying toilet paper on Amazon

    By: Lauren Pozen


    UPDATE: Amazon refunded the woman's shipping costs as part of their seller policy stating "sellers cannot set excessive order fulfillment or shipping costs.”


    A woman who placed an order for toilet paper on Amazon ended up being charged thousands of dollars for it -- and Amazon hasn't been able to refund her money. Now, she’s sharing a warning with Channel 2 Action News.

    Barbara Carroll is a building manager who takes care of janitorial needs. She told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen that in March, she placed an order on Amazon.com for three boxes of toilet paper, which were delivered to her home. Days later, when she checked the bank statement, she noticed a deduction for over $7,000. 

    Confused, she checked her order history on the site. 

    "There was this order for three cases of toilet paper for $88.17 and shipping $7,455 for a total of $7,543.12," Carroll told Pozen. "After I screamed I thought, 'Oh this is not a problem, this is Amazon and Amazon will take care of it.'" 

    But she says Amazon was of little help because it was a third-party seller.

    “The hardest part is that Amazon doesn’t stand behind their-third party sellers,” she said.


    "The shipping guarantee covers nothing about the charges so they wouldn't even go any further," Carroll told Pozen. "I am willing to pay the charges, but they have to be normal charges." 

    Carroll says she will continue to fight what she sees as unfair charges.

    Pozen reached out to Amazon for comment but hasn't heard back yet.

    Our experts at the Consumer Action Center say it is best to pay with a credit card online and not a debit card. Credit card companies will give you an extra layer of protection, where a debit card is like paying with cash.

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