Woman caught on video in tirade says she's not racist

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — In an exclusive interview, we’re hearing from the woman behind an explosive rant that’s stirring a lot of controversy in Gwinnett County.

The woman cursed and shouted racial slurs in the video first aired on Channel 2 Action News on Thursday.

On Friday, the woman seen on the video reached out to Channel 2's Audrey Washington and wanted to tell her side of the story.

She told Washington that she is a former teacher and despite what was seen in this video, she’s the real victim.

Pamela Sharma

The incident happened Wednesday inside a Lawrenceville Dollar Tree. And the woman at the center of the rant, Pamela Sharma, said she is not a racist.

“I wasn’t racist initially and I wasn’t racist in the middle, it’s not until I became the victim of racism,” Sharma said.


Sharma said the store clerk, Alise Fowler, yelled at her first, over where to place the items she no longer wanted to purchase.

Sharma told Washington that’s when Fowler started the racial attacks and threats.

“The clerk got agitated and snatched them and said, “You pieces of trash, why don’t you go back to your country,'” Sharma said.

In a video Sharma showed Washington, she said Fowler can be heard threatening her.

“She’s telling me she’s going to beat my a**,” Sharma said.

On Thursday, Washington spoke with Fowler, who denies any wrongdoing and said Dharma was the aggressor.

“She called me a black b****. A black whore,” Fowler said.

Sharma said she’s a highly educated, former high school teacher and could never be a racist.

“So, I have taught at black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools,” Sharma said. “Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist.”

Sharma said she would like to meet with Fowler.

“I want you to come with me and have a heart-to-heart,” Sharma said.