• Police car stolen, several hurt during chase on I-75


    ATLANTA - Cobb County police arrested a woman after they say she stole one of their police cars and led officers on a chase down Interstate 75.

    A department spokesperson said officers responded to a suspicious female armed at the intersection of Windy Hill Road at I-75 around 4 p.m. Sunday. At some point during the stop, the woman, identified as Emmerli Wilcoxson, managed to get into the police car and take off.

    "We saw two police cars coming. They were going at a high rate of speed. We tried to get out of the way," said William Michael Jones, who witnessed the crash. "I told my wife they're gonna wreck. They're going too fast."

    Police say Wilcoxson was driving the car at speeds of more than 100 mph southbound on the interstate.

    "They came by us and I said there's something odd about that because what cop goes down the road with the trunk open," said witness Calli Jones.

    As Wilcoxson approached the North Avenue exit of I-75/85 southbound, police say she ran the car into the back of a Chevy Cavalier, sending them both into the wall. Police say the Cavalier then hit another vehicle. In total, four cars were involved in the crash.

    Police say the driver of the Cavalier, Greg Titus, suffered severe injuries to his lower body and had to be extracted from the car.

    Police say Wilcoxson got out of her car after the crash and charged at officers before she was subdued.

    "When we first came up to it we saw someone on the ground and they had their hands behind their back. They were real bloody," said Calli Jones.

    Police say Wilcoxson suffered severe head trauma in the crash and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

    A Cobb County officer suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from the hospital.

    Several lanes of I-75/85 southbound were closed as police investigated the incident. The lanes have since reopened.

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