Still no verdict in Olsen trial after 5 days of deliberations

A verdict could still be handed down before the weekend.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The jury weighing murder charges against a former DeKalb police officer wrapped up its fifth day of deliberations on Friday without a verdict.

The 7-woman, 5-man panel has spent about 25 hours behind closed doors since closing arguments last week.

Jurors are deciding the fate of Robert "Chip" Olsen, who shot and killed an unarmed U.S. Air Force veteran on March 9, 2015. Hill, 26, was naked — in the throes of an apparent mental health crisis after skipping his meds — when Olsen shot him twice. Hill was running toward the officer. Olsen said he acted in self-defense.

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Jurors have indicated they are in agreement on some of the counts against the 57-year-old Olsen, deadlocked on others.

Prosecutors on Friday withdrew their request to impose an Allen charge -- "the most coercive instruction there is to try to get the jury to render verdicts on every count," said Atlanta lawyer Esther Panitch, who has been following the trial.

Court will resume Monday morning.