Wife killed at fire station while trying to get away from husband, sheriff says

DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — Deputies say a man shot and killed his wife outside a fire station and the couple's children were sitting a foot away when it happened.

The murder has left the Dawson County community in shock.

Jeremy Gibson, 44, and his wife, Amy, had separated. Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said the couple had domestic violence issues in the past, but Gibson had never been arrested.

"We do have a history, won't go into details what that was, but do have a limited history with them both," the sheriff said.

Johnson said the victim called 911 for help a little after 7:30 p.m. Monday as she ran from her husband, who was following her as she pulled into Fire Station 7.

The sheriff said her husband got out and went up to his wife’s car, then opened fire, killing her in front of their two kids, ages 5 and 8.

The couple’s two young kids are uninjured.

“Thoughts and prayer go out to the victim’s family and those affected by this crime,” said Johnson.


The shooting also took place in front of a firefighter and his wife and kids who witnessed the murder.

"While we're always there to protect life, save lives, what we're in the business for, front and center, in a matter of seconds, it was their lives that they were looking after," Johnson said.

No one else was hurt.

After the murder, investigators said Gibson acted calm and surrendered to the firefighters before deputies arrived.

"He basically laid the gun down, just kinda stayed put," Johnson said.

Gibson now faces charges related to murder and firearms, as well as cruelty to children.

The two children are in state custody.