Who is Seth Spangler, alleged gunman in shooting of two officers?

POLK COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation say Seth Spangler was the man who fired the fatal shot that killed Polk County Detective Kristen Hearne.

Spangler is accused of shooting at another officer as well, but the bullet struck the officer's protective vest.

Channel 2’s Richard Elliot was at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office when Spangler was helped out of the back of a police cruiser and escorted inside to be processed on charges of felony murder and felony aggravated assault.

Spangler was caked in dirt and mud after his arrest in some woods not far from the murder scene.

Elliot tried to ask him if he did it.

“Tell us, did you do this? Did you shoot those officers?” Elliot asked Spangler.


It appeared as if Spangler wanted to say something, but didn’t.

Spangler has had past run-ins with the law.

Records show he has an extensive criminal history, including child cruelty and drug possession.

It also shows he was just released from prison a year ago, and police confirmed he had active arrest warrants when the shooting happened.

As officers led him into the jail, Elliot asked Spangler again if he committed the crime. Elliot said Spangler seemed too choked up to answer.