• Whitney Houston's Atlanta doctors respond to subpoenas


    ATLANTA,None - As people around the world remember music legend Whitney Houston on the eve of her funeral, local companies are answering subpoenas from the Los Angeles coroner.

    Houston called the Atlanta area home for years, and now investigators want several doctor's offices and pharmacies in Atlanta to hand over her records.

    Los Angeles investigators said the Atlanta-area doctors are complying with the subpoenas, but if some do not, investigators can come to Atlanta and get a warrant.

    While the information may not point to any criminal activity or a cause of death, the man who once represented Houston's former husband, Bobby Brown, said investigators are doing the right thing.

    "If there's suspicion of some type of prescription drug overuse, they may want to get records to see if some doctor was just popping pills for somebody who may have been paying them a little bit extra, or just anything unusual," Atlanta attorney Manny Arora said.

    Houston's death certificate showed the singer was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel room on Saturday.

    Investigators said they found prescription pills in the room, but not in large quantities.

    Investigators will not say exactly how many offices they have contacted, or the names of any of the offices. They did say the subpoenas are routine.

    Houston's cause of death has not yet been determined.

    A huge balloon and flower memorial has been erected outside the New Jersey church where hundreds will gather on Saturday for Houston's funeral.


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