Which masks work best? We asked an expert

ATLANTA — If you're headed out this weekend, we're unmasking the myths about face coverings.

Local leaders and doctors are urging everyone to put one on amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but you've probably seen all different types of masks.

As we see more cases, we asked experts which ones work best.

Channel 2 Anchor Jorge Esteves interviewed Dr. Ali Mokdad with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, about the differences between handkerchiefs, N-95 masks and everything in between.

"When we look at the literature in terms of reducing the spread of the virus, it goes from 34 percent to 60 percent, of course depending on the mask," Mokdad said. "But the key message today is a cloth mask."

Mokdad said any face covering with reduce the transmission of the virus by 34%.

“In Georgia, that translates to a mortality rate of 2,400 fewer people between now and October 1,” Mokdad said.

Esteves asked if people should pursue getting N-95 masks now that there are more of them available.

“If you can find them, by all means, use them,” Mokdad said. “But until you can find one, please make one at home and wear it and cover your mouths and nose.”