When others ignored homeless man at dinner, Ga. woman says God told her not to

When others turned away homeless man at dinner, Georgia woman says God told her not to. (Credit: Bonnie Monroe) 

EMANUEL COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia woman is touching the lives of thousands with her simple act of kindness.

Bonnie Monroe of Swainsboro, Georgia, tells Channel 2’s Kimberly Richardson she was just eating dinner at Mi Ranchos in Augusta with her son when she noticed a homeless man.

Monroe said he was going from table to table asking people for food, but was turned away by everyone.

“I was hoping he’d come to me,” Monroe said. But to her disappointment, he didn’t. But, that didn’t stop her from reaching out and making his day.

As she watched him walk away from the restaurant, she told Richardson, God told her to not let him get away.

“Being obedient, I jumped up and chased him down,” Monroe said.


When she caught up with him, she learned his name was Byron and asked him if he wanted to have dinner with her and her son. Byron responded and said he would love to eat with them, but said he didn’t think the ones who turned him away wanted him around.

Byron told Monroe that he could just wait in the alley and would ‘eat their scraps.’ Refusing, Monroe walked him straight to their table and told him to order whatever he would like.

“He was hesitant and kept asking if I wanted him to leave yet. My heart sunk,” Monroe said. “I made sure he didn't leave until he was full.”

Monroe said they ate, laughed, and even danced a little.

“We enjoyed our night together,” Monroe said.

Since Monroe shared her story on Facebook, 91,000 people have liked her incredible act of kindness and have asked how they could help.

A GoFundMe has been set up if you'd like to help Byron find his way.