• Well-dressed woman caught on tape burglarizing home

    By: Tom Jones


    JONESBORO, Ga. - Jonesboro police were surprised to discover it was a well-dressed woman who broke down a homeowner's door and burglarized his home.

    Officers said the homeowner's surveillance video captured the woman loading up thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise.

    The video shows the woman attempting to break open the door, "either kicking it or using her shoulder," Sgt. Brad Pair told Channel 2's Channel 2's Tom Jones.

    He said she then finds success and the door pops open.

    When police took a look at the homeowner's video they were a bit surprised the burglar was a woman.
    "It's very odd. Especially in business attire, dressed as nice as she was," Pair said.

    The video shows the woman going into the home and then you can see her loading up all kinds of merchandise.

    Police said she stole a flat-screen smart TV, a laptop, a desktop computer, cellphones, money, jewelry and other items.

    "Versace bag, purse, a hair dryer," Pair said, describing the items that were stolen.

    The video shows the woman first driving by the home in a dark blue Buick Le Sabre 15 minutes after the homeowners leave.

    "You see that she then goes to the front door twice. And that's probably just to knock on the door to see if anyone's home," Pair said.

    That's when she returns and breaks open the door and goes to work.

    Jones asked the detective if he thought someone will recognize her.

    "I hope so," he said. "Try to get a lead and try to get this lady."

    The homeowner said he just put up the security cameras because of a recent burglary. He was still installing them and that's why one camera was on the  floor, recording the woman.

    If anyone recognizes the woman, they are asked to call Jonesboro police at 770-478-7407.

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    Well-dressed woman caught on tape burglarizing home