‘We should just burn it down': 30 brown recluse spiders found in Georgia home

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — A local mother says venomous spiders have invaded her home, and she's not sure how to get them out.

The mother told Channel 2's Lori Wilson the first night she moved into her new Paulding County home she found 30 brown recluse spiders.

Brown recluse spiders are known for their distinctive violin pattern on their backs. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health said bites from these spiders are incredibly rare, but white blisters usually develop and severe lesions can develop, which would require medical attention.

“I just say we should just burn it down,” Nicole Photianos joked while laughing.

She and her husband contacted the family that sold them the house, and they said they never had any spider problems for the 10 years they lived there, the news station reported. She believes they became active after their home sat vacant for four months and some mold work was done.

"I think they've always lived in the walls. They just got out when they did the work, so yeah they are just kind of everywhere,” said Nicole Photianos.


The mother said exterminators have treated the home every week but the spiders keep coming back.

For now, Photianos said she would continue spraying her home and praying children remain safe.

“They’re literally my biggest fear,” Photianos said.