• Was your speeding ticket wrongfully issued?


    1. You will need to file and open records request with Georgia's Department of Public Safety for the specific department.  Please note there is a nominal charge for the service. 

    2. Check with the department to determine if officials will take your request electronically or prefer a hard copy.

    3. Fill out an open records request

    4. Please input the necessary information.

    5.  Expect a response from D.P.S. within three business days.

    6.  Once you have the paperwork in hand ensure (1) the name of the street where you received a ticket is mentioned and (2) confirm you were ticketed within the listed mile markers.

    7. If you have concerns follow up with the department who gave you a ticket.

    Do you receive a ticket in McDonough? Look at the permit currently on file with D.P.S. for the police department ________________ (add link)



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    Was your speeding ticket wrongfully issued?

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