Man suspects fake cop tried to pull him over on I-75; turns out to be real officer

Man suspects fake cop tried to pull him over on I-75

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has learned that dashcam video that shows someone a man feared was a police impersonator making an odd attempt to pull him over on Interstate 75, was in fact a real police officer.

It happened Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m. as the man, who only wanted to be identified as Dan, was headed home.

Dan said someone in a Ford sedan pulled in front of him and slowed down.

"Three things didn't add up: the civilian plate, him pulling in front of me and the bogus lights," Dan said. "I've never seen a guy try to pull me over like this."

Dan said he quickly realized the vehicle did not start with GV, which signifies a government vehicle.


Dan said he kept his distance from the car until he said whoever was inside followed him as he took the Mt. Paran Road Exit.

“That was my first response when he went off the interstate with me, this guy is following me home,” Dan said.

He said the car was behind him and too close for comfort, so he took a few sharp turns until he was in the clear.

Dan said he reported what happened to Atlanta police the next day.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson showed the video to Atlanta police, who later determined the car was part of their fleet and that it was an actual officer behind the wheel.

Atlanta police officials said they are investigating to see what was going on that night.

Officers said if a driver fears a fake police officer may be trying to pull them over, to call 911 immediately.

It's against Georgia law to have flashing blue lights on a vehicle that's not a law enforcement vehicle.