Walton County

Man loses leg in target practice explosion

WALTON COUNTY, Ga — A Monroe man is recovering in the hospital after losing his leg in an explosion.
Deputies say he put explosive material, called Tannerite, in his lawnmower then shot at it several times. The blast severed part of his leg.
People use Tennerite for target practice, but if used the wrong way it can cause injury or death.
According to investigators, David Presley filled an old lawnmower with three pounds of Tannerite.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes spoke to Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman who said people are supposed to put less than a pound of Tannerite into a target you want to shoot, and stand at least 100 yards away. The small explosion lets you know you hit the target.
Deputies say he used three pounds of Tannerite  and only stood 25 yards away, while two teens recorded it on their cell phones.
"You would've had to be on drugs or something to think it was a good idea to play with that and try to blow up a lawnmower," said neighbor Lydiah Mays.




Mays said she thought she heard the sound of a bomb, she grabbed her cell phone and tried to figure out what was going on.

“It shook the whole house so I thought it was not very normal,” Mays said.

Mays said Presley, who lives across the street, sounded like he needed help.

“I heard him scream and so I came downstairs and we were all like looking out the front window,” Mays said.

Presley is at Grady Memorial Hospital recovering from his injuries. Chapman hopes people learn from his experience.